Regina Rena – To the Unforgiveable Bahasa Indonesia

Alternative Name

Regina Rena: To the Unforgiven, Regina Lena - To the Unforgivable You, Regina Rena - To the Unforgivable, Regina Rena - To the Unforgiven, 레지나레나 - 용서받지 못한 그대에게

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Release Date



Kim Young-ji (II), Kwak Nana


Naver Series (Naver), Naver Webtoon (Naver)


Rena Rubel is a beautiful woman who has faced her share of hardships, as she was offered as a sacrifice by her own father, Marquis Rubel. She manages to survive and one day encounters a man named Lin, who belatedly discovers she is a powerful warrior who can hold her own. Rena gifts him with the elusive altar stone, and he promises to pay her back. They agree to meet again, and she continues to travel with her maid Yuni, seeking her father for his sins of the past. Can he be forgiven?

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